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This is the home page for the North Texas Division of the United States Fencing Association (USFA). The North Texas Division covers the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas, including Waco and Denton. See the map for the division boundaries and the locations of fencing clubs and tournaments.


National Fencing Club Rankings on North Texas Division Clubs

The National Fencing Club Ranking organization recently complied some performance statistics on the largest North Texas Division fencing clubs. Way to Go, North Texas!

2016-2017 Qualification Tables

The US Fencing Board of Directors recently release the revised 2016-2017 Qualification Pathways. The pathways included in the pdf are for the July Challenge, Summer Nationals, Junior Olympics, Division 1 National Championship, Wheelchair National Championship, and NAC Eligibility. If you have a question about these pathways for yourself or your fencer, please contact the National Office.

New Fencing Year

The new 2016-2017 fencing year is upon us. Remember to renew your USA Fencing membership.

As a reminder, in accordance with USA Fencing policies, all tournament officials must be compliant with the USA Fencing Safe Sport Policy, including maintaining a current background check. In addition, all officials must complete the free, online Safe Sport Training Course by Jan. 1, 2017

Rule Changes for 2016-2017

There were several rule changes recently approved by the US Fencing Board of Directors. These came into practice this August.

First is in Foil where the reversing of shoulders is no longer allowed and penalized by a yellow card.

Second is the Sabre timing and enguard placement. The enguard placement is still in the trial phase and will be evaluated around mid-year.

Third is for all weapons and it involves the placement after a lateral boundary was crossed with one or both feet. The fencer who crossed will be placed in the correct distance even if this places the fencer across the end line and this the other fencer gets a touch/point.

Please reference the US Fencing Minutes of July 1 for information on these rule changes US Fencing BOD July 1, 2016 Minutes.

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