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This is the home page for the North Texas Division of the United States Fencing Association (USA Fencing). The North Texas Division covers the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas, including Waco and Denton. See the map for the division boundaries and the locations of fencing clubs and tournaments.


North Texas Divison Officer Elections

The NTX Division will be holding its officer election at the Annual Business Meeting being held June 4, 2022 at 3 PM at FIT.

If you are interested in a Division office please send an email to one of the following by May 15, 2022:

  1. Carolyn Hoyle, Nominating Committee Chair
  2. Brenda Waddoups, Division Chair
  3. Christine Tadlock, Division Secretary

The agenda for the meeting can be accessed here.

2022 Proxy Forms Only eligible voting members of the North Texas Division are allowed to vote or utilize proxies. (An eligible voting member is one who, by February 1st of the voting year was 18 years old and at least a Supporting Member of USA Fencing.)

North Texas Division Annual Meeting

The North Texas Division will be holding its Annual Meeting on June 4, 2022 at 3 PM at Fencing Institute of Texas.

DEI Grievance Form

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Grievance Form – North Texas Division, USA Fencing
The goal of USA Fencing is "to create an equitable, safe and positive environment for everyone in the fencing community." Should someone witness or experience unfair treatment, it is the duty of all to report such behavior or circumstances This form is used to provide information necessary to report a concern and/or file a complaint of alleged unfair treatment or discriminatory practices at a fencing event or club as it relates to the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion

USA Fencing Announced National Schedule for the remainder of 2020-2021 season

The national office has announced the schedule for the remainder of the 2020-2021 season. Please refer to the USA Fencing National Events page for complete details.

2021-2022 Athlete Handbook

The newest version of the 2021-2022 USA Fencing Athlete Handbook is now available from the USA Fencing website.

Membership in USA Fencing

This is a friendly reminder that everyone who fences at a club must have some sort of membership from USA Fencing. Please see the membership page on the USA Fencing website.

Print out your USFA Membership Card and bring it to tournaments!

The national office will no longer mail out the membership ID cards except upon request and a $10 fee. It is a requirement of all North Texas Divison fencers to show their USFA Membership card at all tournaments. So print those cards or have the image of your membership card with the barcode saved to your smart phone.

Finding a fencing club

Please be aware that some university and high school fencing programs only allow those school's enrolled students to fence. It is a good practice to inquire with the larger fencing clubs about starting to fence or visiting a club for practice while out-of-town.